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Teaching Children to Work with Video

Advice on Video in Education


This is a wonderful site with camera shot explanations, a storyboarding tool and tips on editing.

Film Street

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Children can work their way through different sections of this website looking at all aspects of how to make a good video. It comes with a downloadable video teaching PDF kit. There are video clips for the children to analyse. An excellent site.

Digital Video in Education

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external image dvbanner.jpg

A site with information and tips for the student process, teacher process, equipment and internet resources.

Animation - Film Education

A number of resources to teaching animation with downloadable guides. There are other film making resources on the site.

Atomic Learning Video Storytelling

This site looks at all of the shots and the rules of video taking with a short video to demonstrate each one.

Blog Post by John Johnston

Information on the steps taken by John to introduce video making to his classroom and the tools he used to do it with.

Camera Shots

The index page may not look that exciting but the pages of pictures linked to from here to demonstrate each shot and really useful. I used these pictures to make my
'external image msword.png Shot Treasure Hunt.doc'.

Media College

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external image home1.gif

Another useful summary (with pictures) of shots and camera techniques.

Video Shooting Basics

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external image videoshoot.gif

This website is designed for tertiary education but is an excellent site with clear pictures and video to demonstrate.

A cute video of an animation showing panning

Claymation/ Stop Motion

Brick Films

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external image holgor_a-dangerous-calling.jpg

This site is for everything to do with stop motion video with many great examples.

Animate Clay

This website takes you through everything you need to know about claymation and stop motion movies.


external image beta_pastelpink.jpg
external image beta_pastelpink.jpg

These self-assembled characters would be great to use as the base of your clay characters. The company is in Sinapore but ships anywhere in the world. Buy a kit of these and you could be doing clayanimation in no time. Basic characters are $4.50 US each. Put magnets in their feet to help them stand up.

Check out this video using Stikfas characters. If you want to find more, go to YouTube and do a search for Stikfas.